Cinematic Film Looks II

Cinematic Film Looks has returned after a short hiatus. CFL II has been upgraded in every way over the original. With a vast library of 60 different built-in presets, along with the ability to craft your own look in minutes using the included ENB tools, CFL II is the easiest way to get realistic, cinematic color in your gameplay and screenshots.

CFL II features spectacular camera lens emulation, film grain, 50 different film stocks, and 10 custom Color Grades, all optionally toggleable and selectable in-game, and looking great out of the box. Gone are the days of manual editing of external text files to change CFL Look Packs. CFL II has 6 all-new look packs with 10 presets each, for a total of 60 presets, with more to come in the future.

CFL II is equally suited for both gameplay and screenarchery, and has all the tools you need to perfectly shape the image to your liking. All effects are optional and toggleable, such as the letterbox/pillarbox (cinematic black bars) effect. Nothing is set in stone and you are in complete control of the post-processing effect pipeline.

Each preset in CFL II is brand new and made from scratch for the new release. The presets are sorted into 6 different Look Packs. First, there is the CFL II Standard Pack which includes several modern film stocks and a couple of classic stocks. Other packs include the Classic, Bleak, Mono, and Adyss Collections, each with their own distinct theme, purpose, and feel.


CFL II features an excellent Photo Suite for screen-archers wishing to give their shots the appearance of a scanned photograph. It features 12 Light Leaks, 12 Photo Frames, 6 Photo Damage emulations, and 8 Dirt overlay variations. In the shot below, Light Leak 9, Photo Frame 6, and Photo Damage mode 2 are being utilized to give the impression of a paper photograph taken with a cheap lens that has started to wear down.


Another screenarchery feature returning from the original CFL is the Composition Grid overlay. For CFL II, it has been completely re-written and is greatly improved. There are 5 grid types included:

The overlay can be overlaid onto the screen in 3 different ways; Black, White, and Solarize. In the shot below, the white mode is used.

In addition, you can now use the Composition Grid overlay in conjunction with the Letterbox / Pillarbox if you so desire, with the “Confine to Letterbox / Pillarbox” feature. You can see in the shot below that the grid is perfectly constrained to fit within the letterbox bounds. This also works for Pillar Box crops with bars on the sides.


CFL II features an innovative UI to help users learn to use ENB and also provides a semi-interactive Preset Selection list. In the image below, page one of the tutorial is shown. This will be enabled the first time you run the game with CFL II installed.

In the next image, the interactive Preset Selection list is shown. You can easily change your preset or change to a different CFL Look Pack using the ENB controls.


CFL II comes with built-in SMAA + FXAA. This is entirely optional and can be easily disabled from the “TECHNIQUE” drop-down list in “ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS.FX.” This feature has been included due to some minor issues when using TAA and some of the effects included in CFL II. However, it is nothing game-breaking and you can safely run CFL II with TAA if you wish.


If you wish to dig a bit deeper, there are a few external features that can be adjusted by editing the settings in “CFL_Settings.txt” in the “enbseries” folder. 


CFL II features a wonderful aid to those with colorblindness. Three types of colorblindness, Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia, can be corrected for. This can be enabled from the “CFL_Settings.txt” file seen above by setting the “COLORBLIND_ASSIST” option to 1.

Just don’t forget to disable it when taking screenshots. Otherwise, the colors might look a bit strange to people without colorblindness.

Download the mod at Nexus Mods.