The Final Hours of 2018

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As this year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on what 2018 has meant in the context of being a mod author.

It truly has been partly wonderful and partly terrible. Regardless, despite the bad things that have happened, I’ve learned so much this year and I’ve been making a conscious effort to be a little more patient with people.

One of the worst moments of the year was when my best friend in the modding community blindsided me and stabbed me in the back. Not only did it anger me, it hurt me a lot due to the fact that it came from someone who I had respected so much and considered a close online friend.

This actually made me consider hanging up my modders hat, but the wonderful community in my Discord server, M Crew, really helped me keep my spirits up. Thank you guys!

There is one person that I would like to publicly thank, and that is my dear friend, Pascal. Thank you so much for your guidance this year and for putting up with me. You’ve taught me so much and helped me grow. Thank you, my friend.

I’m writing this post on my phone, so forgive any grammar mistakes or misplaced commas. In closing, happy New Year to all my friends in Europe who are already in 2019, and to the rest of my modding family in North and South America, 2018 is coming to an end. Let’s rock this night hard.

– Trey